How to Get Started with Bing Search Engine

bing search engine

If you have already created XML sitemap with Google then I hope the concept of sitemap is clear with you.
If you have not yet then you must check  how to index your blog immediately in Google.
Well, Bing is yet another search engine which stands second to google in terms of driving traffic to blog.
If you check your analytics data, you will find that probably Bing search engine is already sending you subsequent number of website visitors. If not, then add url to Bing. In-fact, it is always wise to submit sitemaps to different search engines for better site visibility.


 1. Just like Google, Bing is another webmasters tool. Webmaster Bing gives plenty of details about its search terms. Bing gives you a vivid list of how many times your post has appeared in search engines along with the number of clicks it received.
2. Webmaster Bing also provides us with added information as how many times your blog pages are crawled along with its crawl errors and index status.
submit url to bing
3. The most exciting part about Bing is that, it gives you the search keywords for which your blog posts has appeared in the search engine.
Trust me this is a gem of all, when you could actually see the results of your long tail keywords. You can analyse the data yourself that which ones are working for you.
bing site search
 4. Just like Googlebot , there is Bingbot which crawls into your pages to pick up added information and updated posts and report it back to Bing Webmasters to get it in the search results.


1. Login to Bing Webmasters Tool with your Microsoft account or a Google account. 2. Add your site address

Bing Search Engine Submission

3. Add URL and sitemap.

If you have already created a sitemap with Yoast plugin or any other applications then you can submit it here. Else simply add sitemap.xml to your domain name. Bing Search Engine Submission3. Next you need to verify your site to Bing Webmasters. Here you will get 3 different options to verify the site.

  •          File Upload
  •          Adding Meta Tag in Header
  •          CNAME record to DNS


Bing Search Engine Submission

a. Download the xml file

b. Go to your CPanel of your blog hosting >File Manager>Upload

Bing Search Engine Submission

c. Choose your downloaded file 

Bing Search Engine Submission d. Click verify on Bing Webmasters and you will have your site verified.


Bing Search Engine Submission

a. Go to your WordPress dashboard>Appearance>Editor

Bing Search Engine Submission

b. Click on header.php on the right of your page

Bing Search Engine Submission
c. Find </head> with CTRL+F
Paste the meta tag provided by Bing just above the </head> tag.
You can also put the meta name just below <head> 
Bing Search Engine Submission
d. Click Verify on Bing Webmaster and your site is verified.


I do not recommend this particular method. If you are using any CDN feature as cloudflare or any other then you need to change your Default Name-servers to Custom Name-servers. Once you are using custom name-servers then you are not allowed to add records which is required for this particular method of verifying site. I recommended using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) as it will help your site to load faster.

Still if you want to verify your site with CName record to DNS then read on. Bing Search Engine Submission

a. Go to DNS Manager of your hosting CPanel. Bing Search Engine Submission

b. Click on setting tab> Manage DNS bing site search

c. A Records Page will be opened.

Click on ADD on the bottom left of the page.

bing site search

d. Select CNAME from the drop down menu. Bing Search Engine Submission

e. Add CName alias as given in Bing webmaster and add the value to the ‘points to’. Set TTL as 1 hour. Bing Search Engine Submission

f. Click on VERIFY on bing search engine submission. You have to wait for 24 hours before your site gets verified in this process.


bing site search

Add more Sitemaps: 

In Bing Webmaster Tools you can submit specific Image or Video sitemaps. If you submit separate sitemaps for images and video as then bingbot will crawl them separately and you can get better results in search engines.

Submit URL’s:

You can submit individual sitemaps to faster crawling to your posts. You can daily submit 10 URL at max and 50 URL max per month.

Crawl Control:

This is an interesting feature in Bing Webmaster Tools which allows you to crawl to your site as per the timing set by you. So you can set Bing Bot to crawl your site at the time when you have the highest traffic on your site.

Block URL’s:

Webmaster bing provides a feature as url filtering. By using this feature you can block URL’s of your particular posts if you do not wish Bing Bot to crawl that specific post. Your Url’s will be blocked for 90 days by using this feature then you can decide whether to continue or to Index it.


This is yet another interesting feature of BWT where you can target your audience based on their locations. You can add pages and URL’s and select where to feature your posts.




Bing Search Engine Submission is as important as submitting sitemap to Google. It is much more easier to rank on Page 1 of Bing than on Google, so never miss out BING website traffic.

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  1. Very informative post that would be a great help to those wanting to increase their presence in the search engines and grow traffic to their site(s). A lot of people talk mostly about Google but they tend to overlook the value of Bing and this is a great post to highlight how you can ensure to include traffic from this significant source.

    1. Thank you Nicole for the words. Infact I was myself astonished to see how much traffic BING brings to my blog. Yes we all are using Google but the other search engines perform well too.

  2. I was finally able to put a comment in for you, I thank you for taking the time to write comprehensive and easy to follow directions. I would have never have done either of them without stumbling across your site. Thank you very much!

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