How to create backlinks manually from Facebook?

Last updated on May 6th, 2017


SEO and Facebook? Sounds interesting.

But how exactly do search engines treat the social link signals? It is a highly debatable topic among SEO professionals. Though Matt Cutts gives us a clear answer that the Twitter, Facebook backlinks are not a part of Search engine ranking algorithm.

So how a backlink from social site going to help us when it does not have a direct rank influencing impact?

In the present era when it comes to digital marketing then Social media plays a major converting factor. It is a giant. Social backlinks are very much important for website traffic. When we get a lot of shares and tweets for any particular post then it makes our link trustworthy as well as gives our site immense popularity.

So let us see how easily to create backlinks manually and have a dofollow link from Facebook.





1. Create a Facebook fan page.

2. Go to Static HTML .

3. Click on Add Static HTML to a Page.How to create backlinks manually

4. A new window will open up with Add Page Tab Button.

How to create backlinks manually

5. Before clicking on Add Page tab select the Facebook page from the drop down menu where you want to add the static html to.

How to create backlinks manually


6. A new window will come up as Set Up Tab.

You may click on Set up tab or may go to your FB page where now you will get a new ‘welcome’ tab. Click on to edit.

How to create backlinks manually

7. You will be leaded to the static html page where you need to add your website url to index.html in the following format.

<a title=”Click on”
target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>Title of your blog</a>

Make sure you change the with your site url.

How to create backlinks manually

8. Save and Publish.

9. Now go to your FB page and click on the ‘Welcome’ Tab on the bottom left of the page.

On clicking the tab you will see the backlink ready from Facebook end.

How to create backlinks manually




When we acquire many social links for a particular post, it helps in SEO indirectly. You will see many times that search engine displays the social media profiles for particular search terms. So it has a positive effect on SEO unintentionally.

Grab a backlink from other social media profiles: Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

2 thoughts on “How to create backlinks manually from Facebook?

  1. No freaken way haha 😀

    What? I’ll have to try this but if it was true I bet everyone and their grandmother would be doing it. But it’s worth checking out, I guess.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah give it a try.
      Though backlink from social medias does not pass any link juice but it is good enough for traffic generation.
      Secondly if someone searches your blog directly (if it is a new blog) then your FB page will come up in higher page rankings than your blog posts.
      So good enough to create a page and have a backlink to it.

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