How to Force Google to crawl a site faster: Just 2 steps

Last updated on May 11th, 2017


Are not we all so impatient to see our web pages in search results? Google not indexing pages seems to be a common problem. Well, in general it takes up-to 1-2 weeks to index a new site. But you can manually force google to crawl a site much faster than usual. So let’s check out how to get website on google fast.




Before we move on to index our site, let me explain a bit of indexing terminologies which will help you to understand indexing.

What is indexing?

Indexing is the process done by Google-bot by crawling into the activities in your site. When your blog is new then it can be discovered by google by its sitemaps and links. The process of discovering your blog is known as Indexing.

What is Google-bot?

Google-bot is a software which searches for the information on the web to add to the google search engine. You can learn more about google-bot the search engine crawler in google webmasters

What is crawling?

Google-bot hops from site to site to collect updated data and submits it to google for indexing. This process is known as crawling by which google-bot finds new information by using sitemaps and links.

Now let me link my website to google.

The website indexer tool which we are going to use here is Fetch as Google. This tool requires your site to be verified and a xml sitemap to be created at first. 


Okay now let’s force google to crawl and get website on google search engine 

Login to Search Console

Now just 2 steps to get site index faster

1. Go to Dashboard>Crawl> Fetch as Google

Force Google to crawl


2. Submit your blog posts URL in the given space and Fetch. 

Force Google to crawl


Sometimes you may get status as to request index once more.

After selecting to index once more you can choose to crawl only this url or crawl this URL and its direct links and GO

Force Google to crawl


This is how to force google to crawl way faster than the actual process.

Check if your site indexed by google 

Type in Google Search

By this you will get to see all the indexed pages of your website.



This is to make sure if any of your particular web page is indexed or not. (Replace the above with your site post url)

Wrapping up

There are many other ways too to index site in less than 24 hours. But eventually your posts will get indexed in 1-2 weeks in general. So if you are not in hurry then there is no need to force google to crawl. But submitting sitemap is to webmasters is a good practice not only for indexing faster but to get other data in search console.

Once you are done with indexing your site to Google Search next you should submit the sitemap to Bing Webmasters Tool.




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