Just 2 steps to grab Google backlinks: Google Plus

Last updated on May 6th, 2017


Google Backlinks ? Sounds as a lucrative offer. Isn’t it?

Yes you can get a google plus backlink very easily. Why only one backlink? You can have multiple backlinks pointing to your site from G+.

Is it a no-follow link?

Yes in general all social media sites gives a no-follow link. But don’t worry. G+ links do not pass any link juice but still they are helpful in indexing your sites super fast.

If you post in G+ a new web page can get indexed within few hours. If someone comments or shares it then you can even find your newly posted G+ page in search engine page 2 or 3.

Link building involves a lot of smart work if you want your site to be on top of search engines.

Google Plus is having a Global and Alexa rank 1 with a page-rank of 9. So, even if you get a ‘no follow’ backlink from a high ranking site then your site looks natural to search engines. The domain and page authority metrics are also calculated depending on the number of quality back-links your site acquires.

If you want to build an authority site then quality backlinks are very much important. Google Plus is one them who will provide you with a free high quality backlink.

Apart from Google + you can create backlinks to your blog from Wikipedia, Pinterest and Twitter and other social media sites.

google backlinks


How to get Google backlinks?

  Login to Google Plus.

 1. Go to Home> Profile

 2. Click on the About section where you will find Story, Tagline, Introduction, Bragging Line.

 google backlinks

Here you can either put your domain url in the sites links or can write your story and include your site url there.


google backlinks


Wrapping time

You can have multiple google backlinks by posting your site links in different communities.

G+ works like other social medias. Here you can join many other communities in your niche and post your and other bloggers work. Read the community guidelines before posting self promoting links.


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