How to Increase Website Traffic Superfast: 8 Proven Ways

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Do you think its luck to get enormous traffic from search engines? No its not. It is the hard work which pays off. There are many SEO firms where group of people works together in putting up a website on 1st page of search engines. They work towards getting backlinks, social media shares to increase blog traffic & website popularity. There are ways to get more traffic to your website, but as a Solo marketer its pretty tough to concentrate on all the things together. So what can you do to get your web-page on 1st page of Google. Don’t worry be patient. It takes time to build an authority blog.

Here is a list of things which you can take care of for generating traffic to website . I am not including any social media stuff here. Because if you can do social media right then you can attract tons of visitors so you need not check the list at all.



If blogging frequently means you can be on the top then it is so wrong. If that was the case then sites like reddit, digg would be on the top list as they get updated every millisecond.

So do not get yourself mad over publishing new content everyday.

Hold on — Does that mean your blog can be stagnant and grow organic audience?

No. Google do love fresh write-ups. Google bots crawls frequently to your site and when it sees updated content it fetches the url for search engines and thus increases your site visibility. What I want to say is that do not force yourself in publishing 2-3 articles daily and mess up your life blogging hard.

You can make it a point to publish 2 fresh content a week. 

You should also update your old posts so that no outdated data is there.


Do not get penalized by Google for buying links, stuffing keywords or duplicate content. If once google penalizes your site then it will take you nearly six months to get recovered from it by doing correct SEO’s later on. So avoid getting in such situations.



To get more traffic to website you must keep your url clean. Just put your blog name along with the post title. Nothing else is required as dates or some other permalink structures. When your post appears, visitors generally read your url to know what exactly the topic is about. So take care of the url in the same way you care about the title of your post.

increase website traffic

You can set your permalink structure by going to WordPress dashboard>Settings>Permalinks


Write irresistible titles to your posts. Do not write boring headlines that visitors may not click. After you are able to put your webpage on 1st page of search engines then it is the Title of the post which decides whether a user will click on it or not. Write in such a way that it intrigues more question that they would like to click on your site and read it.

increase website traffic





Forums are a very effective way to get your queries solved in your niche. There are many forums which gives you a do-follow link when you solve other member’s question or you yourself put any question up there.

If you can answer a handful of difficult questions related to your niche then 100 of members will get interested in you and peep into your websites.


One such is Site Owners Forum which gives you a Do-Follow link. There are ample of lists of Do-Follow forum available. You can choose any 3-4 forums according to your niche and build your active presence there.


Why to use long tail keywords? You must have read in every other blogs to use it. The point is you can rank better with focusing on long tail seo phrases.

But how? The competition of long tail keywords is fairly low. The short keywords are widely searched and have a very tough competition from all top blogs.

When you are reading this post I believe you are a newbie or in a moderate stage of blogging. So using Long tail keywords will make it easier to rank the web-pages and increase blog traffic.




On-Page SEO is a deep topic. I do want to get into the whole thing here but would like to add that make your posts categorized. It is an effective on page SEO and it also helps your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. It is better to have an organized shelf than a mixed bag of books.

Check List of On-Page SEO factors which your competitors will tell about.


Off-Page SEO is as important as On-Page. Do not get dirty with getting backlinks. Rather have a clean off page optimization which can bring traffic to your site.

Check the latest Off-Page SEO optimization techniques for Google.


The last one but never the least is put on adding valuable information to your site. Visitors will come to your site when you are helping them solving their issues. Only making a visually attractive site will not increase your blog traffic in long run. So be patient and watch your blog grow.

9 thoughts on “How to Increase Website Traffic Superfast: 8 Proven Ways

  1. Your site looks sooo good. It makes me feel happy just looking at your header image.

    I like your point about titles and I’ll be applying that.

    And I haven’t been using Reddit, Digg or Triberr. I should investigate them.

    Thanks for the useful info.

    1. Hey Jan thanks for the words.
      Yes titles matters a lot and so do meta description and URL as they appears on search engines.
      All the best for your blogging journey

  2. Some good points made well here, site speed is also a relevant ranking factor. Fortunately google have a lot of free tools for you to remedy many of these issues, analytics, search console, page speed, keyword planner, all must haves in the SEO armoury! Haven’t venture too far into reddit or digg – do you have any posts with any suggestions?

  3. These are some really great tips! I have been putting of reddit for some time. But I am now going to take a leap! I have never heard of Do- Follow. I am going to check this out too! It’s crazy whats out there akes you think the internet is all that small after all.

    1. You should try out the Do follow forums. They are good for niche related question answers and as well as they will give you a do follow backlink

  4. Such a great list of tips for increasing your traffic!

    I really need to get on the Reddit + Digg and other platforms like Quora too, but alas there is only so much time in the day.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I’d be careful when sharing on Reddit. People there don’t like it when someone blatantly promotes himself and spams with links. It’s more of a forum, a community, so make sure your post is actually useful, interesting, funny or intriguing in some other way.

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