5 Prime Keyword Density Analyzer Tool Free

Last updated on May 11th, 2017

How does Keyword Density Analyzer help?

You know the importance of keywords and keyword density right? So you will know why keyword density checker tools exist. Keyword density analyzer gives us the ‘percentage of phrases‘ used in a particular post. This helps us in determining the optimal keyword density for a post. It also helps us to keep track of keyword spamming or ‘over using’ of certain words or phrases.

There are several keyword stuffing checker available but below ones are listed according to amount of important information they provide.





 1. SEO Chat Keyword density analyzer

keyword density analyzer

It gives both linked and non linked density analysis.

keyword density analyzer


In this post my focus keyword is ‘underwater cave diving’. I can clearly see that I have used the keyword 5 times as mentioned in 3 word phrases.

 2. Article underground Keyword density analyzer tool

keyword density analyzer

This keyword density analyzer check your meta tags and also warns you if it finds any error.

It also gives the web page size and the load time.

keyword density analyzer

An interesting feature here is the load time. Load time really matters when it comes to user experience and On-Page SEO.


 3. SeoCentro seo tool analyzer 

Its gives the top keyword and keyword phrases along with the density percentage.

keyword density analyzer

The result displayed

keyword density analyzer

It also gives the load time of the post link submitted.

keyword density analyzer



 4. Internet Marketing Ninjas

It is a Seo tool analyzer which gives the keyword analysis for an existing page on our website.

keyword density analyzer

It also gives us the linked and non-linked words along with the details.

keyword density analyzer



 5. WebSeo Analytics

I personally love this keyword density tool. It analyzes the content and the html tags of a page.

keyword density analyzer

1 to 5 words keyword phrases occurrence are given along its the seo keyword density.

It also gives us a very vital information whether our post link is blocked by robots.txt or meta robots.

keyword density analyzer



Wrapping Time

You may use any of the keyword density analyzer tool or can install Yoast plugin which will give you the keyword density in the content analysis of the post. Check the Ideal setup of focus keyword by Yoast plugin which will help you in getting the targeted keyword density.

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