How to do Outstanding Keyword Research Process

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Even if you are a newbie in blogging you must have heard about keywords, meta keywords, meta description and many more. Keywords are the foundation of any blog post. Social media like facebook, twitter, instagram depends on the followers following but social network like Pinterest also depends on keyword research process to display your pin on homepage. Keyword research is most important while trying to get a few organic traffic.



To understand keyword research process we need to understand what are keywords first. Keywords are the targeted words which you use all through your posts. These are the words which helps your posts to rank in search engines for that particular word. So until and unless you do your keyword research well it is not possible to get the seo keyword recommendations and know which words are most searched in search engines.

For beginners it is not enough to know only the most searched keywords; as highly searched keywords will have high competition from top blogs. You as a newbie cannot compete with top blogs as they are the ones which get displayed on page 1. They are already the authority blogs in their niche with loads of backlinks pointing towards them.

So what you can do is find the keywords with moderate search volumes and low number of search results and to find that you need to know the keyword research process.


My post is about animation. I goal is to keep my primary keyword as ‘animation tutorial’. Next I will search for the term ‘animation tutorial’ in keyword planner.

Keyword research process

As I can see it has a high search volume of 10k monthly. So my next step in to find the number of search results.

Keyword research process

When i put my desired keyword in google search I can see there is more than a million of search results. As a new blogger I can never compete with such a high volume.

So I must be setting my keyword in such a way which has a fair search volume with moderate search results.

Keyword research process

Hence instead of only ‘animation tutorial’ I searched for ‘ how to animate for beginners’. As I can see it has a low search volume of 1k.

Keyword research process

But when I searched for the number of searched results it is fairly low. So as a newbie I can target this keyword where I can have a chance to rank my post.

Keyword research is an important and valuable thing which you should perform before writing any post. Any niche blog having well researched keywords rank well in search engines. There are many SEO techniques and keyword research stands first among them. If you can not do your keyword research analysis then the other SEO techniques will not perform well.


There are several keyword research tools which will give you an estimate of the monthly search volumes. If I want to give a list of keywords research tools then I would definitely start with Adwords Keyword Planner. Using google adwords keyword search tool you can even set your preference to display the most searched words in descending order. Here is a tutorial to be able to use keyword planner features to the fullest.

There are other popular keyword tools both paid and free which will give the average monthly searches.

KW Finder

Moz Pro Keyword Explorer

Long Tail Pro

Spy Fu

Word Tracker


It is beneficial to use the long tail keywords which will definitely benefit you to stand out in the crowd. Long tail keywords generally have low search volumes so when someone searches for a set of particular keywords then your post can outrank the other web pages if you have used that particular keyword. Here is a list of Free long tail keywords tool which can be used for on page optimization.


When you are using same phrase twice or thrice it is the density of that keyword. Keyword density is the term which works to rank high in SEO. Get detailed info on using Keyword Density properly to get visibility in search engines. After you have chosen your targeted keyword then you should write your post targeting that word. DO NOT ever force your keyword in your post. Your keyword should come naturally.

Some easy ways to put your keyword is that you can write an introduction and conclusion using your keyword. When I am selecting a particular keyword then I hope my keyword will be mentioned 2-3 times in the entire post. So in total I am using the keyword 5-6 times in a 1000 words article; which is good enough but using the same long phrases over and over again will annoy your users. So, you have to keep a balance between using proper keyword density and spamming with keywords.

I recommend installing Yoast SEO which gives a vivid content analysis. This content analysis will give you an idea of your keyword performance.


Give time to keyword search process. Correct focus keyword with low competition and high volume searches will give your blog post over 1000 of views.

Do not be in a hurry to publish contents. A well researched topic with proper keyword optimization will always rank well.

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