Pinterest followers hack: From 0 – 1000+ niche related followers

 pinterest followers hack

Hey friends a new post is published on building a Profitable Pinterest for Business profile which also includes this Pinterest Followers hack. 

But if you just want to focus on increasing Pinterest followers for a new profile then read on.

Is Pinterest a search engine? Yes it is. People uses the pinterest search daily to find out solutions to their queries. Whether it is decorating ideas or any technical assistance; Pinterest is there to give solution to everything.

Can you get enough niche related followers using Pinterest followers hack? Definitely you can.

Pinterest is a search engine which has millions of daily users and related image searches. Many blogs claim to have huge traffic from Pinterest alone. If you have just started with your blog then it is really tough to get social media followers in our niche site until and unless you ask your friends to follow your blog.

The best part of pinterest is that here you can create followers related to your niche with people who will genuinely be interested in your niche topic. If you are striving with Pinterest followers hack then follow the steps to get as many followers you want. It will work even if you have a new pinterest account and Zero followers.


Let me assume you are having zero followers and your niche topic is automobile repairing. Automobile repairing is not only a niche but a micro niche topic. I am choosing this topic to clarify that you can build your niche followers by this process just for any niche you want to.

Lets check out how to get a lot of followers and how to get a friend on pinterest with common interests.

1. Go to and login.

2. Click on search button and type Automobile Repairing and click on Boards.


pinterest followers hack

3. As you can see here you can get thousands of boards in your niche.

4. Click on any board you like.

5. I have chosen automobile repair as it was the first option displayed and it is having a fair amount of 2.1k followers which can be yours followers too.

6. Click on the followers. The followers who are following this board are having interest in automobile repairing. So If you follow them they are likely to follow your board too when they will check your board also contains automobile repairing related issues.

pinterest followers hack7. Just follow as many you can. Daily have a target of following 50 people related to your niche site.
 pinterest followers hack

8. Will all of them follow you? NO. But 50-60% will. And that is how you will get your niche oriented genuine followers.

9. If you do this even for a month then 50*30 days=1500 niche related followers you will get.

10. You can continue doing this till you are having satisfied number of followers for your niche blog.

So before you start to hunt for your niche related followers first build your board with at-least 10 pins and confirm your website.  As we all know Pinterest is a visual search engine so to get the most of it you should have creative attractive pin pictures to get it repined and in turn get traffic to your blog.



2 thoughts on “Pinterest followers hack: From 0 – 1000+ niche related followers

  1. Thanks for the post. I’ve been Pinteresting since a while now, and I’ve tried almost every popular automation tool available on the internet.
    After looking for a decent tool for long, I finally settled for www[dot] PinPinterest [dot] com
    I’m now using it for more than 7 months now, and I’ve gained unparalleled results both in the form of followers and revenue. It lets me schedule as many Pins as I want, and it also intelligently pins only images related to my business. It learns this every time as I keep using it. PinPinterest is free to use, based on the cloud, has a mobile ready website, works on Intelligent algorithms and sets up quick.

    1. Hey Lisa thank you for letting me know about the new Pinterest Tool. I am personally going to use it and check its features.

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