Just 3 steps to Reduce Server Response Time WordPress from 27 sec to 3 sec

Last updated on May 8th, 2017


Do you know that a slow page load can really irritate your visitors? If your website is slow then probably you are losing 70% of your traffic. If you are having more organic traffic then it is likely for the visitors to set back if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. So what can you do to improve website speed load? WordPress is good platform to have own websites and blogs. But sometimes it cracks up the issue of slow page load. As the title says this post will show you how to reduce server response time wordpress without any code change.

According to a survey of gomez.com it reveals that user expects your site load within 2 seconds and they are not likely to return for a few seconds difference.

Your site speed is one of the Google algorithm to rank your page. So a slow site is likely to lose ranking and lose visitors.

It is much more important to increase site speed than you think. It is a vital factor of On-Page SEO.





Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

There are many tools to test server performance. Here I am using GT Metrix to test web page speed. Gt Metrix is free and you do not have to make any account to test site speed.

Let us see an example:

Before the changes


Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

After the steps followed

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress


You can see significant reduction in page size which in turn reduced the website loading time.

Before following the steps my trash folder is emptied and most of the unused installed themes are deleted.

Here only 3 changes are made.

1. Wp Super Cache:

Install the free plugin by WordPress which immensely helps with the caching. There are other plugins too as WP Fastest cache, W3 total cache and many others. Am not going in the details of others as we will deviate from the topic then. So here Wp Super Cache was installed and activated with the following Advanced and CDN settings.

Put the caching ON.


Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

Miscellaneous Settings

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

Advanced Settings

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

CDN Settings: 

Though CDN settings are not required, still CDN Support is enabled so that if you use any external CDN features it should not support it.

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress

2. Super Minify Plugin:

This plugin compresses and minifies inline JavaScript and CSS files. So the page size will be smaller which will improve the page load speed as well as yslow grade.

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress




3. Choosing SEO WP theme

Choose a theme which requires less HTTP requests.

Fewer the requests faster is the loading. 

A browser asks for images, html, css files every time you load a page, so the more files it have to ask for, the longer it will take.

Heavier the pages in MB, the longer it takes to load.

Page size matters in loading of a page. A browser may ask for different requests as CSS files and others but if the size of the pages are small then it gives a faster loading. For an instance it takes us less effort to carry a light thing. But if we try to carry a heavy thing it will take us more time and effort. So same goes with the pages.


I found that SEO WP theme really works like a charm.

Just activate the theme and you will see the classic speedy site.

There are many paid themes which will load your site super fast but for the free themes SEO WP is the best I would say.

Wrapping Up:

So before making any changes in your site I would like you to take a GT Metrix test and save the results. Then follow the 3 steps to reduce server response time wordpress and once again take the test. You will be astonished to see the results.

I would be glad to see your results in the comment section. If you are still having probs with page speed then you can say it here and I can take it up as my personal project.


The images which are used in my site were already compressed so I did not have any issue with image compression. If you are using heavy images then install GZip Compression or EWWW image optimizer which will reduce the image sizes dramatically.




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