SEO for beginners: 5 Ultimate Mainstream Tips

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Hey guys looking up for some SEO tips? Well there are hundreds of seo methods which Google takes into account while ranking up a web page. Optimizing your website for search engines does not depend on only a single factor which can be said as the most important point for SEO.


Understanding search engine optimization involves various techniques as On-page SEO, Off-page, online-offline SEOs and many more; so a newbie should not get baffled up with so many approaches. This post lists down the 5 top points which should be followed by a fresher before messing up any other SEO techniques.

seo tips


Okay so how to optimize website for search engines ?


Sitemap is a file containing the URL’s of your site. It is a communication between your website contents and the search engines as Google, Bing and others.

As a starter you must be very excited to get your blog posts indexed in search engines. To get indexed fast you must submit an XML Sitemap to every search engines possible. How would you do that? Check to:

Submitting sitemap ensures Google bots to crawl to your pages.

Extra Tip:

Google bots loves to jump from one page to another so provide them the right pathway to other posts by building strong internal link structure.


What comes in your mind first when you hear the word keyword?

If I say it is a website about cats what you will think of? Cute cats, ferocious cats?

Well these are the keywords which may come to users mind and you need to include those right keywords in your posts. Even without the help of any keyword research tools you can write a cool post thinking as what user can think of.

Think about what the user going to type and include those words-Matt Cutts


Keyword density is really an important factor for ranking. An ideal keyword density would be between 1.5-2.5%. I highly recommend using Yoast plugin for WordPress. This plugin provides a content analysis for each post which will automatically give you the keyword density for the targeted keyword used in the post.

But do not intentionally push the targeted keyword in the post which may lead to keyword spamming and ultimately back-fire the SEO process.



The snippet is as important as the Title of the post. It is the Meta description of the post which is visible in the search engines. So can you understand how crucial it is?

80-90% readers actually read the snippet to get a summary of the post.

SEO for beginners

Once again I would encourage you to install Yoast plugin which is FREE. Here you can easily edit the Meta description using the snippet editor.

Do not let search engines pick up any descriptions on their wish. You can write separate attractive descriptions as snippet which is shown in search results to make it more clickable.


Well this might be a tricky one for a newbie to understand that how can site speed be related to SEO? But it does affect SEO. You can check it here what Matt Cutts says about site speed and ranking.

Site speed also affect user experience widely. Would you wait 10 seconds for a site to load? I guess that is irritating. Most of the user will hardly wait 2-3 seconds for a complete site load.

Site speed majorly depends on good web hosting, blog theme, compressed Js and CSS files and many more.

You can alter htacess files, header-footer php files if you are a bit comfortable with coding.

You can also check to increase website speed without any Coding required. 


As soon as you start a blog remember to follow these 5 points to SEO for beginners. Getting organic search engine optimization traffic is quite easy if you do proper keyword research. You can always promote your blogs on social media but organic traffic will always surpass.

21 thoughts on “SEO for beginners: 5 Ultimate Mainstream Tips

  1. SEO and ranking high on organic searches is not easy. I guess it’s a marathon not a sprint! I find that the Yoast plugin is really helpful.

    1. Yes keyword optimization is a very important factor. And should check periodically which keywords you can include in your old posts to bring life to it

  2. Ah I am so embarrassed to have skipped two of the biggest steps here! I have never “submitted” my site to any search engines. Just used my keywords, added text to my image files, and waited for searchers to come to me. I do get some search engine traffic, but not as much as I would like. And I’ve literally never bothered with the snippet, figuring that an interesting start to the post and plenty of text description for each uploaded image would get the job done. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.

    1. Read as many posts available in SEO. If you want to stand clear in search engines then proper optimization and backlinks is the only answer.

    1. Hey Keyonte how long are you blogging? It takes a minimum of 6 months to see some effect of SEO. Implement the long tail keywords where ever possible. Be consistent in your work you will get the results.

  3. Super helpful post! What do you suggest putting in the snippet? Do you recommend putting a short summary of the entire post or more of a “teaser” to get people to click. I always struggle what to write there.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Chevelle I would recommend to write up the most interesting thing of your post in the snippet. Snippet is as important as the title of the post as it shows up in the search engines. & trust me people read the snippet to decide whether they will click the link or not.

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