3 ways to get extremely useful Youtube Backlink (PR9)

Last updated on May 8th, 2017


When you acquire a Youtube backlink it indicates that your site is important. Do you know that the search engine results greatly depends on your inbound and outbound links? How much a backlink matters for a site it is needless to say. The domain authority of a site largely depends on the number of quality links it has acquired. To get high quality links you need high quality sites pointing towards your web page. YouTube is one such quality website with high page rank, having billion of searches everyday. While high PageRank backlinks are hard to get but you can get a youtube backlink in no time.


Verification of Account

Getting a youtube backlink is an easy task. You just need to follow the steps and get your work done.

If your site is not verified with search console yet then you need to Verify your site with Google Webmasters.

You need to verify your YouTube account too. Go to YouTube verification  and get your account verified.

Now Login to your YouTube account using Gmail credentials and get ready to get the YouTube backlink. 

3 ways to get a YouTube Backlink

  1. YouTube channel Associated Website 

Login to your YouTube accountClick on the Gear> Go to Creator Studio

Youtube Backlink

Click on Channel>Advanced

Youtube Backlink

Scroll down to Associated Website. Fill in with the URL of your blog with http:// and click Add
Youtube Backlink


You will get a Green Success button after your website is verified.

Youtube Backlink

OVER ! Yes it was this easy to get a strong backlink from a Page Rank 9. It will take 24-48 hours for Google bot to crawl . You can check your backlink from Alexa site or any other sites you prefer.



2. Description of your Videos

If you have not added any videos to your channel then add a video at first.

Now you can add your link to your video descriptions.

Go to Video Manager> Videos

 Youtube Backlink
Click on Edit on any of your videos.
Youtube Backlink

Now write the video description and include your site link. To make it a clickable link just add http:// to your URL.

Youtube Backlink

This process will give your site another YouTube backlink.

3. Video commenting

Commenting is a well known process to get backlinks. We can comment on forums and other authoritative blogs to gain the backlinks. So here it the same process, only difference is that we need to find out the videos in our niche. Then comment on the videos where you think your site can add value to it. Along with your comments add your http:// URL of your site. It will also help you to gain some direct traffic apart from getting a backlink.

 Youtube Backlink

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