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A blog about Lifestyle, Delicious drinks, Growing your own herb indoors and yet changing your Blog into a successful Online Business. Yes, there are many bloggers who will tell you exactly how to turn a blog into the business and am just one of them. 






Craft with Popsicle stick with Toddler

CRAFT WITH POPSICLE STICK WITH TODDLER This is a very easy craft with a toddler while building his/her fine motor skills as well as numbering. Having a toddler around means you have to do the things which you have never thought before. Like playing around with...




Hello there. I am so happy to have you here. This is a blog about lifestyle, drinks, growing your own herbs & some creative DIYs (that ‘ll come soon 🙂 ) and yet changing your blog into a beautiful business online.

If you want some more about me then here it goes.

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