36 Bullet Journal Ideas to make your life Beautiful



Bullet journal is an interesting thing to keep a track of everything that we love or want in life.

There are so many beautiful bullet journal themes. Just love them all. I wish I could make them a bit faster.

Check out some beautiful weekly bullet journal themes here.

So, what are the different bullet journal ideas which you can write?



Bullet Journal Ideas

Do you want to be fit and healthy for life?

Well, I always aspire to stay healthy. So, this bullet journal idea was the most important one for me.

I always try to keep a track of my fitness.

  • Time to wake up
  • Cardio videos to watch
  • Yoga for beginners to practice
  • Diet to follow this week
  • Time for a brisk walk
  • Inches lost
  • Weight loss/gain



Bullet Journal Ideas

The most important thing on my to-do list is my daily tasks to complete.

I really follow the daily task method to cope up with the prioritized works.

  • To make (crafts)
  • To make (recipes)
  • Movies to watch
  • Groceries to buy this week
  • Tasks to complete
  • Web series to watch 🙂



Bullet Journal Ideas

Needless to say, we have so many dreams and aspirations. This is a simple life tracker of the things we want to accomplish.

  • Dreams
  • Life Goals
  • Achievements
  • Birthdays
  • Finance Tracker
  • My relaxing times



Bullet Journal Ideas

Often we have popped up ideas about different things. Whether it is a study technique or making some cool designs.

  • Making notes in a short time
  • Cooking healthy food
  • Making cool doodles
  • Layouts to make a journal
  • Making a song



Bullet Journal Ideas

I love this one. My favorite song collections to my favorite movies. Though I do not use a bullet journal for my collections but an excel sheet.

  • Favorite songs
  • Favorite quotes
  • Countries to visit
  • Favorite movies
  • Advice to myself
  • Inspiration



Bullet Journal Ideas

Our busy school and college life. So many things to catch up. This is just a way to keep track of it.

  • Important dates
  • Best food in the canteen
  • Teacher/Professor info
  • Silly things that happened
  • Grades per semester
  • Study hours


If you are just a beginner to bullet journaling and do not know what’s going on then first check out why do you need a bullet journal to be productive? 




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