Craft with Popsicle stick with Toddler



This is a very easy craft with a toddler while building his/her fine motor skills as well as numbering.

Having a toddler around means you have to do the things which you have never thought of before. Like playing around with different things, making enough crafts and DIY’s to keep him engaged.

My kid is 2.5 years old. I generally like playing with him with cutting colorful pieces of paper and then sticking them to the glass panes. Taking a small piece of yarn and making different shapes such as a circle, triangle, and others.

There are just so many activities which you can do with your active and growing toddler.

Out of the many crafts with popsicle which kids love, this one I found the easiest while imparting some knowledge.


Take 10 or more popsicle sticks and number them.

Craft with Popsicle stick

Bring some small-sized rubber bands to fit them

Craft with Popsicle stick


All you have to do here is tell your toddler to put the rubber bands onto the popsicle sticks.

This kinda activity builds the fine motor skills. 

If your child already knows numbering then instruct him to count and put that many rubber bands as written on the sticks.



Well, I wanted to make a video with him but he was doing it sooo slowly that I gave up 😀

If your toddler is just learning numbers then repeat this activity for somewhat 7 days and he will start to learn ‘counting’ faster.

Hey, mamas’ if you have some great idea about how to develop your child’s cognitive skills then do share. I would love to know about it.

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