10 Best Indoor Herb Garden to Grow (that propagates easily)



If you are interested in gardening and you are pretty new in this field, then starting a DIY indoor herb garden is the best idea for beginners. 

You can start a hanging indoor herb garden too.

A hanging garden is the most creative and cool home decor you can do for your home.

Why only herbs, you can plant some beautiful flower plants too for an indoor hanging garden.

Well definitely check the 7 hanging pots that you can keep in your living room.

To start an indoor herb garden, place your posts on a window sill or somewhere where you can get at least 6 hours of direct or indirect sunlight.

Herbs grow well indoors, so our home temperature of 20-30 degrees Celcius is well suited too.

Don’t forget to water the containers.






Heat and sunshine are required for any plant to grow.

How to grow:

Plant the seeds 1/4th inch deep or plant clipping 1/2 inch deeper in the soil.

Ideal temperature:

18-21 degree Celsius


1. Trim the oregano leaf tips once a week for thicker growth.

2. Do not overdo it with water. Better to water only when the soil is dry.




This plant should have 4-5 hours of sunshine. So place it somewhere where it can get enough sunlight.

You can also grow it near the windowpane of the kitchen. (This is the ideal place for growing herbs for me).

How to grow:

Cilantro can be grown from seeds as well as the stalk.

To grow from the stalk, put the stem in a bowl or glass of water and place it in a bright area. When the root grows 2-3 inches long, you can place it in the soil.

Ideal temperature:

Best grown between 10- 30-degree Celcius.


Water them frequently.




How to grow:

From seeds, the germination would generally take 14-28 days.

Ideal temperature:

16-21 degrees Celcius will be ideal for it.


Water only when the soil is completely dry.




How to grow:

It can grow in partial shade or at the edging of sunlight.

Ideal temperature:

16-18 degrees Celcius is ideal.


Keep on removing yellow and spotted leaves from time to time.

Keep the soil lightly moist but the root should not site in water so have a good drainage system.



How to grow:

Take tip cutting off 5-6 inches of mint stalk and place it in a glass jar of water.

Once the roots are over an inch tall, just soil it in a wide pot.

Ideal temperature:

15-20 degrees Celcius will be good.


Water whenever the soil surface is dry.




It is always better to put lemongrass in large containers, maybe some 12 inches wide. 

But as you can see in my image that my herb garden with fresh lemongrass in cute small container also thrives well. 

How to grow:

Similar to the mint plant, take few stalks, put them in an elongated glass of water.

Change the water once in 24 hours.

Once the roots are over an inch, place them in high-quality soil within a large pot.

Lemon grasses can grow as tall as 5 feet, so give it adequate space to grow.

Ideal temperature:

18-30 degree Celcius


It requires full sun to thrive. So for indoor planting simply keep it in a sunny corner.

Never allow the soil to dry out for a lemongrass plant.




How to grow:

Take a stem cutting about 4-6 inches tall just below the leaf node.

Remove the lower leaves from 2/3 of the stem keeping the topmost ones.

Submerge in a glass of water keeping the top leaves exposed to air and sunlight.

As the root appears simply transfer it to a bigger vessel.

Ideal temperature: 

28 degree Celcius


Change water frequently while growing the roots so that algae don’t catch up.




How to grow:

Rosemary plants are the easiest to grow from the cuttings.

Same as before, get the stems and remove the lower leaves. 

Place in a glass of water till the roots appear and then transfer.

Ideal temperature:

15-28 degree Celcius


Use a sandy soil mix that has proper drainage.

Rosemary plants grow best with a proper soil drainage system.

It will need 6-7 hours of sunlight. Best for windowsill garden.




How to grow:

I would personally grow basil from its seeds.

All you need to do is scatter some 25-50 basil seeds in potting soil and wait for a couple of weeks to germinate.

Ya do not forget to water the container.

Ideal temperature:

Prefer warm weather. 

Preferably 25-degree Celcius


For healthy growth, basil needs 10 hours of sunlight.

So why not make it a balcony indoor plant?




How to grow:

In a well-drained pot scatter the chives seeds.

Put another layer of lightly moistured potting soil over it.

Generally will take 2-2.5 weeks to germinate.

Ideal temperature:

15-20degree Celcius


Soil should not have excess water nor should it dry off.


My Take on Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs for fresh foods. I simply love each and every herb plant I have. I hope you will love it too.

Pretty easy to grow and your home will too look fresher.


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Indoor herb garden to be grown easily and effortlessly



  1. Great write-up..

  2. This is just in time for us! Right now my sister is waiting outside in the garden for me to come and give a hand. So far we have courgettes, thyme, strawberries, and mint. We are hoping to follow your tips and get more things in.
    Wishing you green thumbs and that you and yours stay safe.

  3. I love growing mint! Great for cocktails, recipes.. even to add to plain water. Great ideas!

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