Best 5 Smoothie makers for your perfect smoothie recipes





Who doesn’t love a fruit smoothie or juice?

The scorching heat of summer makes me love the smoothies more.

Preparing a smoothie is the easiest breakfast you can make for yourself.

There are even many smoothies which will help you lose weight.

Check out 15 weightloss smoothies which you can have for a healthy breakfast.

If you are on a keto diet then can check for 9 keto smoothies too.

Once you start making smoothies, I can guarantee you, you will search for smoothie makers which will make your job very easy and fast.

Here go just 4 ingredient banana smoothie and strawberry smoothie recipes

Here are the best blenders for smoothies which work extremely great for the purpose.


1. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder

smoothie makers

This is a very elegant looking juicer mixer with two jars and blades to do all functions. 

This is a compact juicer mixer which will take less space than bulky food processors. 

A blender for fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit juices in seconds which will help you to make a perfect smoothie in no time. 

Here is the link for this wonderchef nutri-blend juicer. 


2. Whipsip Personal Smoothie Maker

smoothie makers

With 2 large portable jars, this gonna be your favorite personal smoothie maker. 

These 2 portable jars can easily be carried to your sports field or college. 

Here is the link for personal smoothie blender. 


3. Rechargeable Portable Juicer Bottle Blender

rechargeable smoothie makers

I thought of adding this juicer as it is super helpful for those who travel a lot.

Here you can have fresh fruit smoothies or juices anytime as it is a rechargeable juicer blender. 

This is a very convenient and easy to use smoothie blender.

Here goes the link for the portable rechargeable juicer. 


4. Philips 2 liter Juicer/ smoothie maker

This is a juicer which I personally use.

It is just wonderful. 

I can put the entire apple, carrot, beetroot and it chops finely and the juice is ready in 5 minutes.

Cleaning is easy too.

Here is the link. 


5. Balzano Blender with 3 Jars

smoothie makers

It is a very powerful blender.

You will fall in love with this blender just after the first use.

I am not sure about blending different recipe batters here, but this is very good for a smoothie maker. 

Here goes the link. 

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