3 simple methods on How to verify WordPress website on Pinterest


If you have checked into building the most profitable Pinterest for Business profile then you will know that verifying website with Pinterest can be easily done with Yoast Seo plugin.

This post discusses the other methods on how to verify website on Pinterest apart from Yoast SEO.



Log on to Pinterest.com

Click on the gear of your pinterest profile and go to settings.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Scroll down to confirm website.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest


Now verification of website to pinterest can be done in 2 ways.

A) Putting the Meta Data in the <head> section of your website

Copy the Meta name and DO NOT CLICK on the finish button.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Move to WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance> Editor

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Scroll down to theme header on the right side of the page.verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Find out the </head> part. You can type CTRL +F to find it.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Insert the copied Metadata just before the closing of </head>

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Update the file and move to Pinterest profile and click on the red finish button.


This same task can be done with Insert Headers and Footers Plugin.

  1. Install Header and Footer plugin.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Put the Meta Name in ‘scripts in header’ section.
  4. Save it.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

B) How to upload Pinterest Verification file to wordpress

While copying the meta data from Pinterest another option which was there is downloading the file.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest


After downloading go to CPanel< File Manager 

Irrespective of hosting service provider you are using, you will have to upload this file to CPanel file manager.

If you are using your File Manager for the first time then you will be shown a pop-up window where you need to select the Web Root and always select to show your hidden files. 

verify wordpress website on Pinterest

Click on upload file.

verify wordpress website on Pinterest


Choose the downloaded file.

How to verify WordPress website on Pinterest


After your file is uploaded, once again go to your Pinterest profile and click the red finish button.

Now you will get a site confirmed tick in your Pinterest Account.

How to verify WordPress website on Pinterest

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