Weekly Spread Bullet Journal for Bloggers


First of all, why did I even start a Bullet journal

If you know nothing about how to start a bullet journal then you can check here.

At first, I felt I am totally wasting my time with the colors and hues. But after I did it for a 15 day period, I got some amazing results. I was having much more time in a day. The day was still 24 hours only 🙂

So what is it?

It is my scheduling and the weekly/monthly spreads which were helping me around to get the most out of me. A bullet journal keeps everything so much organized. It is like working with my brain sections, one at a time.

The bullet journal weekly spreads are also so much customizable. I can change my spread design any week I want.

In fact is it always so exciting to make the to-do lists and to set my own goals for the month.


1.  It just takes 15 minutes a week to make a weekly spread bullet journal. You can take any fixed day (Sunday night I prefer) to fill your spreads. You do not have to plan it in total advance. You can keep on adding things as it goes.

2. In my very busy schedule, now I can have time for my workout, meditation and relaxation. As well as I can have time for my favorite web series ( Yeah not more than 30 mins though).

3. You will never forget anything after you start a bullet journal. The colorful pens and pencils have not only made me schedule my days in a better way but it also makes me feel beautiful indeed.

4. Sometimes I add up a short line in my weekly spread that ‘What made me smile this week?’. This is the best thing I do. You MUST try.

The idea is supposing I got a call from a very good old friend and spoke our heart out. Or I found many butterflies in the garden 🙂 Yeah I write it down in my smile section.

5. A bullet journaling can really shape your life in a different way. It can change the way you look at the cluttered daily chores.

6. It is beneficial in setting up your short and long-term goals.


weekly spread bullet journal


1. Weekly Spread from journalsanctuary.tumblr.com

weekly spread bullet journalImage Credit: Journal Sanctuary

2. Weekly Spread bullet Journal from www.Christina77star.net

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: Christina77star

3. From @journalphine

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: journalphine

4. From Christina77star

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: Christina77star

5. From thekrafty.owl

weekly spread bullet journal

Image Credit: The Krafty Owl

6. From sublimereflection.com

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: Sublime reflection

7. From OceanStudy

weekly spread bullet journal

Image Credit: Ocean Study

8. From Christina77star

weekly spread bullet journal

Image Credit: Christina77star

9. By Bright star Kids

weekly spread bullet journal

Image Credit:Bright Star Kids

10. By Productive & Pretty

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: Productive and Pretty

11. By Productive & Pretty

weekly spread bullet journal

Image credit: Productive & Pretty

Check how to plan a productive week in advance

Bullet Journaling is a part of Time Management & Time management is the beginning of an organized & successful blog.

My blog was not having any Time Management or any Goal setting. I got to set my goals after I met Scrivs. Scrivs BBC changed my blogging game entirely.

Words from Scrivs-

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