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Do you worry while doing a WordPress update? Well, I do. As every time it pops up a notification’ Have you taken a WordPress backup?’

Well, I can understand that it is very much essential to backup WordPress but as a new blogger, I did not want to spend money on it.

Earlier I used to think only paid versions of Plugin can take a WordPress backup. But I was so wrong. I never knew the easy tools WordPress itself provides to back up the files.


This process will not back up your image files. It will only store your text files.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Tools> Export

wordpress backup and restore

You can choose Posts, Pages or anything particular. I always prefer to choose ‘all content’ and Download Export File.

wordpress backup and restore

It will generate an XML file which you can store in your computer.


If any mishap happens and you need to put back your WordPress files.

Then go to Tools>Import>WordPress Install

wordpress backup and restore

Choose your downloaded XML file> Upload file and Importwordpress backup and restore

Here you can create a new username.

wordpress backup and restore

Select to download and import the file attachments and submit.

wordpress backup and restore


As I already said that the above method was just for the texts. If you want some serious WordPress backup then there are multiple plugins.

1. Jetpack

Price: Paid

VaultPress is Jetpack’s backup service for self-hosted WordPress site.

2. BackUpBuddy

Price: One time Payment

It automatically stores your backups in Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP or you can email it to yourself too.

3. UpdraftPlus

Price: Free

It allows you to have a complete backup of your WordPress site and you can store it in the cloud or download it to your computer.

4. BackWPUp

Price: Free

It is also a free plugin which allows storing the backups in the cloud or on a computer. The Pro version also allows storing backups on Google Drive.

You can use any of the plugins available both for free or paid but do backup WordPress site. It is essential.

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